DSSI™ Case Study: Artificial Intelligence in Procurement


Healthcare providers face numerous challenges when it comes to procurement. The DSSI™ solution offers a game-changing approach, using artificial intelligence (AI) and years of procurement expertise to drive savings and efficiency.

Driving savings through procurement expertise & AI

The DSSI™ team’s use of data science, AI, and machine learning enables a proactive approach to procurement. For instance, the system sends alerts to caregivers and suppliers when it sees an uptick in orders for a product. It can also suggest alternative products when an in-demand item is out of stock.

Healthcare providers can take advantage of DSSI™’s AI capabilities to find cost-saving opportunities, as the entire product catalog is analyzed for potential savings. Additionally, DSSI™’s AI and machine learning capabilities allow for accurate prediction of product shortages and trends.

AI can help find Order Guide savings opportunities by:

1. Reviewing all order guide products

2. AI analyzing the entire catalog

3. Savings opportunities being presented in OGM daily

Impact of AI & Front-Line Staff

One provider that has already benefited from DSSI™ is Mission Health and Rehab in Tennessee. They’ve cut procurement time down from hours to minutes, and front-line staff finds the DSSI™ system to be like a “grocery store in a computer.”

OGM.ai™ in the DSSI system has presented over 28,000 recommendations since March 2022 and has saved $4.33Million for it’s customers.

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