Healthcare eProcurement platform for taking cost out of healthcare®

The DSSI™ AI-Powered platform connects healthcare organizations to their unique supply chains, delivering unparalleled procurement cost savings, supply chain optimization, and contract compliance.

AI-powered eProcurement platform maximizes your savings

The DSSI eprocurement platform is your competitive edge to Taking Cost Out of Healthcare®. Our industry leading and AI developed healthcare supply chain management software can help turn your procurement into a strategic advantage.


With DSSI Order, your communities can easily browse and buy their approved products at your corporate-contracted prices. Using the eprocurement platform, you can even view and track those orders, all in one place.


Real-time order and invoice approvals let you approve or deny orders, put invoices on hold, edit GLs, and change quantities. Plus, our customer service team is always standing by to help.


Stay on budget using our proactive expense-control tools and healthcare supply chain software for purchasers and managers. Multiple integration options include full automation and a variety of configurations.


Electronic invoices from suppliers give you automation benefits while a personalized site helps you better manage products, expand your customer base, and take advantage of compliance opportunities.


Drastically improve process efficiency and save money through 100% purchase order and invoice automation. DSSI Capture with OCR uses cutting-edge, cloud-based technology that automatically reads and “captures” key pieces of invoice information, eliminating the need for manual entry, saving time and driving efficiencies.


Best-in-class sourcing and monitoring solutions maximize the impact of every dollar you spend. Our powerful OGM® 3 tool handles all your suppliers – for both food and supplies – while offering real-time savings data, automatic discontinued-product notifications, and the ability to swap and save.

Access the DSSI eProcurement Platform on the Go with DSSI Mobile

Our mobile ordering app that caters specifically to you! Order faster and manage your inventory on the go with DSSI Mobile.

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DSSI Mobile

DSSI’s mobile ordering app connects to your DSSI account so you can order on the go without being slowed down by your desktop!

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Familiar optimization

Offers the same power, control and ownership you’ve come to rely on from Direct Supply® DSSI.

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Mobile-exclusive solutions

Create personalized shelves to manage your inventory using your new shelf-to-sheet feature with voice-to-text capabilities.

Over 400 suppliers in multiple categories: the ultimate healthcare supply chain management software.

Produce Alliance
Produce Alliance

Discover Healthcare’s Leading eProcurement Platform Solution:

The DSSI system leverages artificial intelligence technology to drive savings within healthcare food procurement.

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The DSSI platform utilizes technology to address supply chain disruptions in healthcare eProcurement.

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Direct Supply® DSSI is the leading healthcare eProcurement platform in streamlining food order guide management.

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Healthcare Procurement Software Customer Testimonials

“With DSSI Capture, we feel like we’ll experience a lot of efficiencies in the processing of our invoices and the timeliness and accuracy of the invoices getting into our system.”

Dee Loux
Information Technology, Genesis HealthCare

“The best part about DSSI is that they are always willing to change with the times and what is really needed for their customer base.”

Jennie Sylvester
Corporate Purchasing Director, Edgewood Healthcare

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eProcurement Solution FAQs

What is an eProcurement platform?

A healthcare eProcurement platform allows for a streamlined supply chain, inventory management and spend management by using supply chain software.

What are the benefits of using an eProcurement platform?

eProcurement healthcare supply chain software can be your organization’s competitive advantage. The DSSI healthcare procurement platform allows you to easily browse and order approved and contracted products; analyze your budget; improve process efficiency with translation automation and much more.

Why does Direct Supply DSSI use a Hosted Catalog (vs a Punch Out?)

Healthcare procurement hosted catalogs provide users with pre-selected products at contracted prices. Most healthcare procurement systems will allow organizations to define product indicators (e.g. preferred, frequently purchased, contract, rebate status, etc.) to guide purchasers toward desired products for the greatest savings.
Hosted catalogs also offer the ability to control the pricing that gets loaded. Quality healthcare supply chain software should have a way to not only notify you, but also require your approval when a supplier wants to update the product information and price. In addition, organizations can expect a method to validate the purchase order with the associated invoice price on top of notifying both the purchaser and the supplier of any discrepancies.