DSSI™ Case Study: Streamlining Food Order Guide Management

Creating novel technologies to manage complex supply chain


Food order guide management across regions and
distribution centers is a complex and time-consuming process. Product availability differs between distribution centers. Product SKUs also differ and frequently change. Traditionally, to maintain a consistent product mix, a multi-region corporation has to manage a separate order guide for each distribution center. Adding new products or replacing discontinued items requires finding an appropriate product available at each distribution center and then coordinating its addition to each order guide.


DSSI™ solved this problem by creating a tool to centralize order guide management across multiple distribution centers. OGM 3® was born from this effort to simplify the complexity.


DSSI has been granted multiple patents for OGM 3 and has become the industry leader for efficient order guide management. The table below shows customer-reported time savings on common business tasks realized by using OGM 3 vs. their previous order guide management method. These incredible time savings give procurement professionals time to focus on other areas of their business rather than repetitive management of multiple order guides.

OGM 3® allows users to complete tasks 80-360 times faster than other order guide management systems

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