The Use of Technology to Address Supply Chain Disruptions

A Direct Supply® DSSI™ Case Study


Through data monitoring, DSSI™ discovered that supplier stock outs had climbed to reach unprecedented and sustained levels in 2021. Stock outs, particularly in the broadline food category, were causing huge operational burdens for our customers and suppliers. Suppliers were struggling to find replacement products and their customers were scrambling to determine if the substitutes were the right quality and price.


DSSI pulled together teams to solve this challenge using user experience methodologies. Beginning with collaborative design sessions, customer feedback and rapid iterations, a solution was quickly established. This solution would be proactive: check product availability in the cart and recommend alternative products from multiple sources.


Within 2 months, an elegant solution was preventing stock outs before an order was ever placed. Order cancellations and product substitutions were immediately reduced. The solution used DSSI patented order guide system, OGM 3®, to empower corporations to select their own backup items without relying on suppliers to choose an alternative. Our proprietary AI was put in place to find alternatives when a corporate backup item was not available.

This solution enabled self-serve, customer-directed substitutions at scale. It has dramatically reduced item cancellations and undesired product substitutions.

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