The Power of Partnership in Healthcare Procurement

A Direct Supply® DSSI™ Case Study

Kissito Healthcare is a post-acute and long-term care provider with around 765 beds across North Carolina and Virginia. Their organization has undergone remarkable healthcare procurement efficiency enhancement in partnership with Direct Supply® DSSI™. 

With the assistance of Direct Supply DSSI, Kissito now wields the purchasing strength of a much larger provider. This case study discusses how the DSSI solution helps healthcare organizations realize cost savings through cutting-edge AI technology and procurement expertise. See how Direct Supply DSSI is transforming procurement. 

Direct Supply® DSSI provides technology-driven procurement solutions for healthcare organizations to drive operational efficiency and greater financial performance. The program is powered by healthcare procurement experts and a cutting-edge platform with over 35 years of data. In 2022, Direct Supply DSSI helped healthcare organizations drive significant cost savings – almost $630,000,000! 

Learn how Kissito Healthcare achieved a healthcare procurement transformation using Direct Supply DSSI for strategic sourcing, cost effectiveness, purchasing decisions and more.

Driving Healthcare Procurement Cost Savings with New and Existing Systems

After joining Direct Supply® DSSI, Kissito Healthcare was amazed at how well the platform integrated with their existing systems. The seamless healthcare procurement software integration brought unbeatable procurement efficiency enhancement.

Healthcare Procurement Software for Easier Purchasing

Here are some of the biggest benefits the Kissito team realized when leveraging the DSSI platform:

  • All procurement purchases existed on the Direct Supply DSSI database, where the system automatically tracked inventory, budget, spend and more.
  • Increased on-demand visibility into purchases and budgets to help inform decisions. 
  • Better efficiency for the AP team, as they no longer had to track down invoices, order histories or GL codes. 

Healthcare Procurement Process Enhancements 

In addition to the benefits of using the DSSI platform, Kissito Healthcare accessed technology driven procurement expertise. Direct Supply DSSI provided the Kissito group a team of additional procurement experts to handle some of the day-to-day manual procurement processes – so the Kissito team could do more in their day! 

A few of the benefits provided by the Direct Supply DSSI procurement program include:

  • Access to a team of 20+ healthcare procurement professionals and analysts to regularly monitor all order guides and make changes for discontinued products.
  • Recommendations provided by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to drive cost savings across spend categories
  • Comprehensive quarterly business reviews with the Direct Supply DSSI consultant team to discuss potential savings opportunities and operational efficiencies
  • Help Desk support by the consultant team to ease the burden of administrative procurement tasks and allow the internal procurement team to focus on value-adding objectives
  • And More!

Combating Inflation with Partnership and Healthcare Procurement Technology

Direct Supply DSSI works with more than 500 manufacturers and suppliers, including national names like Medline, Sysco® and Staples®. Because of these partnerships and proprietary technology, the Direct Supply DSSI team could actively find solutions to help ensure providers like Kissito Healthcare had reliable streams of high-quality products at advantageous prices that hedge against inflation. 

This combination of partnership and technology helped program customers maintain a relatively flat PRD in 2022: DSPS customers saw a .3% increase in PRD compared to the CPI 9%.

“The relationship has evolved,” a Kissito representative said. “We’ve seen the benefits when they recommend something and we take it up, so the trust has deepened.”

Kissito Healthcare Representative

Personal relationships are at the center of the value Direct Supply DSSI delivers to providers like Kissito. By understanding the needs of the corporate office and their communities, the DSSI team doesn’t just react to providers’ needs but anticipates them. Beyond that, the team is on alert for new challenges and opportunities for savings that lie ahead such as waste management and transportation.

What Kind of Healthcare Procurement Savings Can Direct Supply DSSI Provide?

Often providers see double-digit healthcare procurement savings over the course of their relationship with Direct Supply DSSI. In 2022, Direct Supply DSSI delivered almost $630,000,000 in savings to over 230 providers. 

Since 2020, Kissito Healthcare has saved over $1 million because of their partnership with Direct Supply DSSI, and the relationship continues to strengthen. Contract compliance and order guide optimization are two ways that the procurement experts at Direct Supply DSSI drove these savings for Kissito Healthcare. The combination of data, partnership and technology drives outrageous results for Direct Supply DSSI customers!

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