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Touchstone Communities is a network of 28 senior living and rehabilitation centers in Texas. They own and operate some of their own centers, but also run operations for five state-owned veterans’ homes and several privately owned centers. They approached DSSI to help fix their patchwork of purchasing practices.

DSSI Procurement Services provides procurement consulting and management services to healthcare organizations. DSPS Consultants leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence, coupled with 30+ years of healthcare experience to deliver double-digit spend management savings to healthcare providers.

A Single Platform

With minimal central management governing their varying buildings, the purchasing directors at Touchstone had trouble parsing through how all their locations were spending money. Every facility had different vendors who offered different prices at different quantities. With DSSI they had a single platform to get a birds-eye view of the spend

By bringing all this purchasing under a single platform, authorized users can sign in to a single DSSI dashboard to see exactly what’s going on at any of the company’s 28 locations.

Narrowing Down The Procurement World

DSSI Procurement Services works with more than 400 manufacturers and suppliers, including national names like Medline, Sysco and Staples. DSPS consultants also actively find solutions to ensure providers have reliable streams of high-quality products at advantageous prices that hedge against inflation.

But pricing is only one part of it. Our experts were able to narrow down their customized ordering platform to only include the products with the highest value – meaning they don’t have to deal with hundreds of vendors anymore. This saves them incalculable time and legwork!

 What Kind of Savings Can DSSI Provide?

Personal relationships are at the center of the value Procurement Services delivers to providers like Touchstone Communities. By understanding the needs of the corporate office and their communities, the DSPS team doesn’t just react to providers’ needs but anticipates them. Beyond that, the team is on alert for new challenges and opportunities for savings that lie ahead.

They have our back,” a representative from Touchstone said. “They’re always watching to make sure vendors do what they’re supposed to do.”

But the partnership didn’t end there. Quarterly reports detailing spend and savings, ready access to the DSSI team, and close ties to DSSI’s network of over 400 suppliers saved money and eased the procurement burden at the communities as well as corporate.

 What Kind of Savings Can DSSI Provide?

Most providers see at least double-digit procurement savings. Last year, DSPS delivered more than $25 million in savings to 80 providers. 

Automated contract compliance accounts for a big piece of those savings. A business might negotiate discounts and rebates and write them into a contract, but that doesn’t mean those contract terms will be met on every invoice. All it takes is a clerk or two not knowing that a discount rose from 3% to 3.25% in the third quarter. DSPS consultants ensure contract terms are met as expected.

What Can DSSI Procurement Services Do For You?

DSPS procurement experts work across categories, from food and medical supplies to MRO and office supplies. The team can comprehensively manage procurement needs or help supplement internal teams. Healthcare procurement has often been considered a cost center. However, with DSSI Procurement Services, procurement becomes a strategic advantage.


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