DSSI Analyze

Spend Management Software for Healthcare Organizations

Complete data visualization, benchmarking and impact analysis.

Watch the introductory webinar to go in depth with the creators of this groundbreaking tool.

Tracking purchased services across multiple healthcare locations can be daunting. DSSI Analyze™ is a spend-management software solution designed for healthcare organizations and professionals that follows every dollar of your purchasing so you can optimize the value of your supplier relationships.
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Comprehensive Visualization

Track purchasing and labor expenses against a variety of precision metrics.

  • Identify patterns in your procurement life cycle with a top-down view of your data.
  • Discover trends to unlock operational efficiencies that maximize your sourcing process.
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Drill Down on Your Spend

Optimize your contracts with granular views of food, environmental services and facilities spend.

  • Hone in on your problem areas with specific comparisons to best-in-class industry averages.
  • Develop an actionable savings plan based on real-time spend data across all your locations.

Rediscover Your Data with DSSI Analyze™

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Easy Integration

We simply link to your AP feed for immediate access to actionable data.

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Standalone Solution

Available to any healthcare organization as a monthly subscription – even those outside the base DSSI platform.

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Eliminate Surprises

Track against vendor guarantees to ensure you stay on top of your spend.

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Unlock Operational Efficiencies Today

Discover how intuitive the DSSI Analyze platform is in our comprehensive video introduction.

DSSI Analyze was developed in conjunction with JBH Advisory Group, and is founded on their years of healthcare operations expertise and industry benchmarking.

JBH Advisory Group