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DSSI connects care providers directly to their unique supply chain, delivering data-driven and AI-powered healthcare eprocurement solutions that optimize profitability and efficiency.

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Cost-savings healthcare supply chain automation

If your healthcare organization has over 10 locations, DSSI can save your business more than $200k annually through fewer transaction costs, increased compliance, and other initiatives that create hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced overhead.

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DSSI's eProcurement solution can streamline, optimize and enhance the healthcare procurement process.

Customer Success Stories: How DSSI turns procurement into a strategic advantage

DSSI Procurement Services has saved Mission Health Communities $1 million on an annualized basis.

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Kissito Healthcare has saved $1.43 million with DSSI.

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Touchstone Communities streamlined procurement for their 28 location portfolio.

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Achieve best-in-class compliance with DSSI’s healthcare supply chain technology

DSSI customers average 80% contract compliance - compare that to the industry average of only 51%. We can help you achieve higher rates of compliance through supply chain automation and technology.

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eProcurement Solution FAQs


Since 1995, we have been using data since inception to streamline purchasing and turn healthcare procurement into a strategic advantage. Our patented AI technology, OGM solutions, eprocurement platform, and food procurement solutions are all specifically tailored for the healthcare industry.

What is DSSI™?
DSSI™ is an e-procurement system designed for Senior Living providers, connecting buildings to their unique supply chain and delivering tools needed to optimize profitability and efficiency. DSSI leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to maximize the impact of every dollar spent, saving the average corporation 10% or more annually.

DSSI offers dedicated procurement support through easy, clear implementation with:

  • Easily accessible eProcurement platform, with no hardware or software to install
  • Robust onboarding & training
  • Support from a dedicated specialist
What if some of my suppliers aren’t on DSSI?
DSSI has developed technological procurement solutions to capture the spend of local suppliers so providers can still see how these purchases are impacting their budgets for strategic advantages.
How do I know if my suppliers are on DSSI?
DSSI has over 400 suppliers, including all of healthcare’s largest broadliners. Reach out to our team to learn if your current supply chain partners are integrated with DSSI.

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