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Whether you’re looking for full spend management consultation or simply augmentation of your existing staff, DSSI’s team of experts can help you save thousands each year.

World-class eProcurement Pros

Expert guidance, support and resources to help your procurement operations save and grow.

 Vastly improve purchasing power

 Increase spend control

 Leverage efficient P2P processes

 Maximize compliance and rebate returns

Procurement Services by the Numbers

4,500 Facilities

Leveraging Procurement Services


Savings Recorded in 2022


Savings Uncovered in 2022

Customer Testimonials

“Our eProcurement manager is wonderful – she’s why the system works so well. We work really well together from a procurement standpoint on my side to her running the system for us. I would absolutely recommend it.”

Amy Johnson
Director of Procurement and Vendor Relations, Senior Lifestyle

“The relationship has evolved. We’ve seen the benefits of their recommendations, so the trust has deepened.

Kissito Representative

They have our back, they’re always watching to make sure vendors do what they’re supposed to do.”

Touchstone Communities Representative

“We have a great relationship with DSSI, they are awesome partners.”

Tina Thomas
Vice-President of Operations for Mission Health Communities

World-class integrated application suite maximizes your savings

The DSSI System is your competitive edge to Taking Cost Out of Healthcare®.


Durable Medical Equipment

Medical Supplies

Office Supplies

Maintenance Repair Operations

Building Services

Environmental Services


Real savings from a 19-Building Senior Living Customer


$107,000 in realized savings.* We work with your food suppliers to ensure you’re meeting your budget.

GPO maximization

By working with their GPO and focusing on additional rebates, this customer realized an extra $25,000 in savings annually.

Rebate opportunities

Customer quarterly rebates of just $25 skyrocketed to $14,000 in supplies – that’s $56,000 annually.


$509,900 in realized savings.* We never compromise your standards or quality for your facilities.

Specific spend

Our expert procurement consultants found an O2 concentrators opportunity for almost $60,000 annual savings over the next 5 years.

Order guide

An overall spend reevaluation in all food order guides found 6.5% in contract compliance savings or $72,000 annually.

*Your results will vary based on your current purchasing practices and future purchasing decisions.

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